Introduction: Pallet Head Board

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I recently moved into a new house and never had a headboard for my bed. After weeks of getting my garage/workshop in order it was time to start a project. Not having a lot of extra cash laying around I needed a budget friendly project and there is no better price then free pallets. So here we go on a fun easy rewarding project.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Pallets- you can find these almost any where for free be sure to ask before you take them.

2x6x10- here again I found these in a dumpster at a construction site!!

89"x24" Plywood scrap from dumpster!!

3/4" brad nails

1x4x8 bought new from lowes

titebond II glue




Brad Nailer

Circular Saw

Belt sander

Table Saw

Step 2: Break Down the Pallet

There are many different ways to do this. My method of choose is to cut the wood where they nail into the wood. this keeps the nails out of the wood. This keeps the planer blades happy. if you have a metal detector run it over the wood to be sure no secrets are found later on.

Step 3: Thickness Plane the Wood

This step is optional I like the way the wood looks after its been planed down. Also dont no where these have been and it make them feel cleaner to me.

Step 4: Cut the Back Board

I cut the back board at 24" by 89" At this point I made a straight line down the middle for a reference for my design.

Step 5: Design Time

I played around with different designs and came up with one I liked. I chose to do a a V shape.

Step 6:

I started by cutting 45s on the wood matching the same wood on each side so the width and thickness would be the same through out the V shapes. Then putting glue followed by brad nails to secure it to the back board.

Step 7: Cut Off Excess and Sand

Using a straight edge such as the 1x4 made a line and cut the wood with circular saw once the glue had dried. then useing 80 grit sandpaper on the belt sander i took off all the sharp edges and any ruff spot on the wood. this is a rustic look no need to go crazy.

Step 8: Frame the Headboard

Using the circular saw I cut 1 1/2" strips measured and cut to size to framed the out side of the headboard. i used glue and brad nails to secure it.

Step 9: Put the Legs on

cut the legs at 54" attach the head board with screws

Step 10: Stain

Using a rag i wiped on the stain.

Step 11: Polyurethane the Project

Seal it up and make it shine.

Step 12: Let It Dry.

I would wait about 3 day before you bring it inside the stain and poly let off an odor that my wife cant stand. After that bring it in and attach it to the bed frame with screws.

This project took me a weekend to do very simple and a lot of different ways you can make it your own I hope this helps you and please subscribe to my instructables and youtube Him and I 2001 channel

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