Introduction: Pallet Headboard

Not much by way of an instructable but I'm afraid but I wanted to publish something being a newbie and all that.This is my first attempt at recycling used pallets. I recently moved house and wanted the bedroom layout to make most of the floor space available but there was are large radiators taking up 2 of the walls. I needed an headboard also so I refurbished this one and used it to cover one of the rad. I removed the boards from underneath and took out one of the main 'beams' and then altered the spacing to allow the heat to escape and provide enough coverage so as to be comfortable when I'm reading in bed and put a further board across the top to act as a shelf. I then sanded it to a smooth finish and used boot polish to give it a darker look and bring out the grain. This was the first 'woodwork' I've ever done and as straight forward as it was I enjoyed every bit of it. Since I enjoyed this so much I've started to construct a small bedside table and I have a bookcase idea also  After that I'm diving in to a chest for the bottom of the bed for storing linen and towels in etc and then come the spring it's garden furniture time. I'll keep you posted and any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated.