Introduction: Pallet Minigolf (modular and Recycled)

There are many things you can do to save our nature and world.

There are many things that are not so expensive or free but they connect us together.

Making and sharing are really important for us all.



14 pallets

Many different types of saw

Woodworking Rasps

Sanding Pads

Paste Paints and Brushes

Marking Pens

Golf balls and clubs (second hand)

Step 1: Treasure From Trashcan

I'm teacher and got new class at our primary school. I wanted to start school year with maker project. One day i noticed that we had lot of pallets in trashroom. All books and stuff for one year came to our school with those. I took all of pallets to our classroom and started to think what to do with pallets. I think sofa, table...and heureka! We start making minigolf.

Step 2: Start Try New Tools

Kids at my class have no experience of sawing or painting before. They we're so happy to learn and try new tools for wood. Half of class draw pictures and dream on their minigolf course. After 1 hour we switched roles. We spend 4 first days of school year with project.

After schoolday i went to fleamarket and bought 3 golf putters 3€ each and balls 0,50 each.

Step 3: Let's Paint!

Next day we started to paint. We studied how to prepare classroom for painting, how to mix color, how to use brush and how to clean tools. For most kids this was the first time to paint wood with big brush. We had great time.

Step 4: Marker Magic!

After sawing and painting we took all our golf course parts from makerspace to our own class. Then we started to draw small pictures from kids designed and chosen theme to modular golf course pieces. We studied what kind of techniques you can do with marker.

Step 5: Let's Play Some Golf!

After all fun that we had, we were ready. Then we searched info from internet about golf, golfers, rules, equipment and fun facts.

At one sunny day we took parts of our modular minigolf at football field. We played couple of hours and had fun.

Important thing in project was that all kids in our school can play this game at breaks. Most important thing was that we did it together ja shared the fun with others. Ofcourse we learned alot.

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