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About: Industrial design student from Hungary

Hi, I am Benjamin Darabont from Hungary. I am studying in University of Pecs as industrial designer. I've participate in some pallet furniture project in the past, so i saw some webpage about the products already. I have lots of inspiration because there are many formation of these furniture, and it depends on your creativity. You can get old pallets from shops, supermarkets so it isn't expensive too. You can place them into your garden, schoolyard, and in your desk from now.

This is the easiest way to create your own designed furniture, from the most creative and cheapest way.

Well I am living in a fat, haven't got garden, so i was glad to get some EUR standard pallet in M1:10. I would like to make a pallet-couch for my phone, with charger, holder for my earphones. With the holder, the charger can't brake, i can watch videos in a more confortable way.
The best way to get a pallet furniture is to make yourself, because it will belong to you.

It is a hungarian webpage about the topic. I've found hundreds of furniture on it, what you can buy, or only chech for get some inspiration.

I can list a lot of pinterest webpage about the diy telephone holder or pallet-furniture.

I hope you will like my phone's seats.

Step 1: Inspiration and Tools.

At first I've bought four EUR M1:10 pallets, and prepared my tools. I had jigsaw, sandpaper, fabric, woodglue, charger, drill.

Looking for some good idea, surfing on the webpage.

Step 2: Sketching

Planning is to start witch sketching!

Write down your ideas, draw some variation. You have to plan all detail.

Step 3: Cutting for the Size, Grinding.

After outlining the draft, you can cut off the unnecessary parts. You should grind the heels, edges from accident prevention. You can grind the whole pallets after the cutting, to hide the editing lines and You are able to get a soft surface.

Step 4: Installation.

All my components was sized and grinded, So i was able to make a hole to the charger with a drill. After that i had to build a backrest support to hold my phone. I used one of the cut-off part from a pallet, you can see in the third photo.

Step 5: Decoration

Use some fabric, from and old T-shirt to decorate.

It looks like a real pallet-couch, and usefull!

It si able to hold, charge my phone and carry my earphones, and last line it is decorative.

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