Introduction: Pallet Playground

This was a social experiment executed with the help of two friends. We created a pallet structure from approximately 150 recycled pallets in a Baltimore park. The structure was stationed exactly in the center of a one-day block party. It turned out to be a major attraction for children. Many climbed and jumped over it while some sat on its ledges.

Step 1: Virtual Prototype.

We found a pallet model online to use for virtual prototyping. After talking to a local pallet rental facility, we knew approximately how many we had to work with. Forming an aesthetically pleasing formation for the pallets in Rhino was the easy part.

Step 2: Construction.

I made this easy-to-read diagram which represents the pallet playground from a bird's eye view. The numbers indicate how many pallets are in each pile. We rented a truck, then transported, unloaded, and arranged the pallets according to this print-out.

Step 3: Done.

The final structure took 10 hours to construct. It was surreal to see our Rhino model come to life in full size. We ended up adding a couple "pallet islands" close by just for fun.

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