Introduction: Pallet Rock Crawling Course.

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as i needed to remove four pallets that i had been using as a tank stand for an IBC . i decided to recycle them to make an rock crawler course .

Step 1: Items Needed :

items needed :
nails, screws, staples
rc rock crawler for testing

tools needed:
circular saw
pinch bar
impact driver
paslode fixing gun
tape measure

Step 2: Building It ...rope Bridge

measure wheel base of crawler .mine is 310mm x 430mm . working with this size i decided to make bridge the length of a pallet and about 70mm wider narrowing to 20mm smaller then my crawler .mark this across five boards and cut with saw . i then ripped each board into 15mm strips . then lay strips out on pallet spacing them out as you please . next lay some rope over them and staple/screw together .leave end of rope long for now .now set up temporary and test it out ....

Step 3: Building It ... Mountain .

cut rest of first pallet in half. i then shortened it by about 300mm .using two of the bearers out of the pallet cut some zigzags . each surface of zigzag needs to match the slats of the pallet , 110mm worked for me .screw these to the half pallet .clad zigzag surface with slats .test out
after testing i had to lower angle slightly. cut some more bits of bearers to form landing , screw in position . clad with more slats . drill holes for rope bridge .thread rope through holes and tie knots to secure.
test again .

Step 4: Make Second Smaller Mountain. ..

first cut the next pallet in half.then remove slats from one side .next mark out a zigzag on one of the bearers . cut out with saw.
using one of the two spare bearers ( you should have left from first mountain and the pallet we just cut in half ) , hold this bearer against zigzag and copy .cut this bearer and now there should be two the same .
now repeat process on the opposite side ,just mark out zigzag different from the first . i added the off cuts to the top ,as i wanted this side to have some more height.
next set up the two copied bearers in center of the half pallet.
clad zigzags with slats ,secure with nails/screws ect.
now the fun bit ....testing ...

Step 5: Build Extra Terrain. ..

cut pallet in half . remove slats from one side . remove one of the bearers , renail about 100mm in from one end .
clad with slats .
test out...

Step 6: Extra Bits ..

as crawler was getting hooked up on top of largest mountain ,i added some bits of slats .these where wedge shape off cuts .
i also drill some holes and added rope handles to make moving/storing pieces easier.

Step 7: Put It All Together .

set up all the pieces and enjoy your new crawler couse .
to see video of course in action use this link :

if this instructable has inspired you to build your own couse please send me some pictures, i would love to see what you come up with.
cheers rob .
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