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So basically there were no way for me to store my shoes in the living room, so since I am still on "Pallet Mania" I decided to make a stand out of pallets, so here it is.

To be honest with you someone else has come up with this idea, I just took it and adapted it to my needs.

Step 1: Pallet Wood

Materials and tools needed:

- pallet wood

- wood screws

- saw

- sander with 60 and 150 grit paper

- wood stain (Tung Oil)

The fist thing I did was to find and break apart wood pallets I got from a local store for FREE.

Then instead of trying to get all the screws out I just got what I could and the rest hammered down.

For this project I will be making a smaller size pallet, just to fit into my allotted space.

Step 2: Cutting

Next I measured a space where I want that shoe stand to go and saw that it should be no more than 21 inches wide and 30 inches tall. So I cut my wood 20.5x28 inches

Step 3: Sanding Everything!

Now I put my new sander to the test and made sure to sand down all of the wood. I paid special attention to corners and rounded them off, because I was afraid that those sharp edges can cut into my shoes as I put them in and take them out of this rack.

So after all edges are rounded I went on to lay it out and see how everything should look like when it's done

Step 4: Putting It All Together

I was not sure how much space to give myself between the boards, because my shoes are all different size, but one thing was for sure, I needed to have the top and bottom boards attached.

Then I decided that, on the bottom I will leave bigger spaces for my winter shoes and work boots, but on the top I will have smaller spaces for my running shoes and my wife's shoes.

Another thing is, I put two screws on each side of the bottom and top boards, but only one screw for every board in between. I figures, shoes don't need so much reinforcement. One screw should be enough, plus I didn't want to waste any materials.

Step 5: Time for Stain

For stain I used Tung Oil I have laying around, and it really brought up the depth of the wood, plus puts on a protective finish for when my shoes will be wet from rain or snow.

After two coats of oil, I took a rag and wiped all the excess oil and buffed it to make it shine a little.

I think it turned out pretty good.

Step 6: All Done

Here is the final product, I think it looks good. Saves me some space and became one more part of my "Pallet Mania" that I went on this past couple of weeks.

Anyway, I hope you liked my little project and stay in touch for more Instractables.

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