Introduction: Pallet Sofa Table

I made this project out of pallet wood I found in a granite wholesaler parking lot. The stain I used is a 100% all natural stain made from apple cider vinegar and "0000" grade steel wool. Let that combo sit for about two weeks and you get a deep rusty red look. I hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: The Top

I started with a 12in. by 6ft cut of plywood and matched pieces of pallet wood to the top. A little glue and brad nails later we have a top!

Step 2:

A few weeks before the project I made my own stain using a '0000' grade steel wool pad and a spaghetti jar filled half way with apple cider vinegar. Mix the two together and let sit for about a week and a half. Make sure you give it a shake on occasion. This is a great stain and gives off a nice rusty red color depending on the type of wood. Before I stained I cut the pallet wood to fit the plywood.

Step 3:

I found some legs out of an old granite crate. Very dense redwood from Brazil. I framed out the sides and gave it a bottom shelf. I screwed and glued it to prep it for the pallet slates, paint and more stain.

Step 4:

I nailed and glued the pallet shelf and put the sides onto the top. By the way, before all of the staining I did sand every square inch of this project except for the bottom shelf. I wanted this to have a rustic look to it.

Step 5:

A different angle of the almost finished product.

Step 6:

The top is nearly finished. All thats left is to paint the legs!

Step 7: A View From the Top

This is a shot from the top after the stain, three coats of poly gloss, one wet (soap and water) sand with 600 grit sand paper, another coat of poly and a nice medium coat of furniture wax.

Step 8:

And finally the finished sofa table with a natural stain and white painted legs! Also, the union jack flag in the background is also made from pallets. They are in a herringbone pattern and the top is hanging on my wall. However, I will be converting it into a coffee table soon.....and it's for sale!

Step 9: First Table for Sale!!

This table now resides in a small funky beach shop in West Palm Beach, FL. I hope it sells soon!

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