Introduction: Pallet Stage and Other Buildings

As we are all getting older and settling down. The ability to get together and enjoy the times you all spent together begin to slip away. so 5 years ago we built our own back garden festival site. as we have the land

we started off using scaffolding as the stage structure but as the years went on we got fed up of erecting it so no we have built a purpose built super structure 4m wide 4m deep 4.6m high

its kitted out with full eletrical plug and play hook ups audio video and power all on a ring main and rcd breakers

6.5ft 16.9 screen

light rig to hang band disco lights off

and decorated with stuff from skips and building sites we work on

on site there are 6 buildings each have all been crafted from old used materials

see next steps

Step 1: Year 1 the Tee Pee and Oil Drum Lean 2

out of some old rolled steel bar a pit bike wheel rim and an old inflatable race track the kind of material normally found on bouncy castles.

we created a rather large tee-pee like structure with front porch .

lined with fairy lights cushions and a log burner perfect to relax in

and an 5m long lean to to break up the wind across the fields.

this was constructed out of old oil drums from a garage and some left over 2nd hand feather edge fencing

Step 2: Year 2 the Toilet Block Shroomary and Nut Shack Dj Booth

far to much to list but what i can tell you is we have mains water and a flushing toilets 200m from a house

it has evolved a lot in 5 years since day one enjoy the pictures any any questions you have please ask

its astounding what you can make with some effort and used materials

Step 3: 2015 the Info Structure Is Built

the party is this weekend the 24-26 July check back for more up to date pictures and info

there chain saw log carvings

paper mache ornaments

Rubens tube fire display

beer pong

shot ski

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