Pallet Tealight Coasters

Introduction: Pallet Tealight Coasters

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A new idea to make some Coasters for tealights.

Although the process is pretty big, i enjoyed doing it as wood/metalworker. :-).

You can also put an actual design in it if you put the nails in a special order. like letters and symbols. sky is the limit!

Step 1: Step 1: Watch the Video+ Get an Idea.

In the video we go through the entire proces.

-First we find some wood.(in my case from old pallets still in nonrotten state!)

-We glue some of the slats together with normal woodglue and let them dry under pressure of clamps or a benchvise.

-Next we cut off the crooked pieces an make a nice beam of it.

-Make a size you can handle on the drillpress, or drill holes with a handdrill.

-Hammertime! if they fit too easily, use some extra glue. we don't want the rings to fall out ones they are cut. (or having the rotating while cutting)

-Now it is time to saw it all up. you can use a Evolution Mitersaw with a multiblade on it, or use a metalsaw. dont use a regular saw that can't cut metals like brass and aluminium.

-As an extra i dremel out the side to look more aggressive or stylish(whatever you think of it)

-A layer of oil and its nice and shiney (yes, oil and fire don't mix. just a wood. but i don't spill my lights :D)

-Put them on a nice place an get the tealights on it.

thx for watching,

have a nice evening full of tealights!

Friendly greetings,

Jörgen Börg

Step 2: Step 2: This Is It.

well, it's finished. look at the photos for a view of how it looks in reallife.

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    WoodCrafts 67
    WoodCrafts 67

    6 years ago

    Great work Mate. Sorry I haven't left a comment as I don't get in here as often as I should.. Nice one and keep doing what you do....:)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thx friend.appreciate it. Diy is in y vains, so i wont stop any time soon ?