Introduction: Pallet Toy Chest

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I know what your thinking, not another pallet wood project. But I have luckily have great access to all the pallet wood I could ever want. And as I am only just starting out its a great resource to have to practice my skills and try new things. This project is really simple to make and can be achieved with very little tools and still achieve great results.

Step 1: Lets Begin!

Like I said I have free access to plenty of not only pallet wood but lots of other off cuts, some of which was used in this build.

Corner supports - x4 - 70mm x 40mm - 380mm.

Pallet wood for the front & rear - x10 - 70mm x 20mm x 800mm.

Pallet wood for the sides - x10 - 70mm x 20mm x 380mm.

Pallet wood for the top - x10 - 70mm x 20mm 820mm.

I also had a scrap piece of 18mm plywood that was used for the base.

Once I had all of my pieces cut I started to assemble the two ends, by simply laying out the boards which were cut to 380mm onto both corner supports. And seeing which ones had the best grain direction and texture. Once this was complete I applied wood glue to the contact areas and fixed using brad nails, taking my time to ensure all the boards were square, and doing it one board at a time.

Step 2: Getting There....

As you can see I got a bit carried away and forgot to take any pictures as I was working away. However all I did for the sides was to follow the same method as the last step. Position each board in place, check and re check that its all square and then glue and nail. I also fitted the plywood bottom in the same way.

Step 3: Top It Off!

The top is made from six boards held together with two cross supports on the top and two underneath. which have been secured again with wood glue and brad nails. These are there primarily to give the top rigidity and to help located the top onto the chest. I also added some 12mm natural braided twine to act as decorative handles and to go with the handmade rustic style.

After sanding down all of the surfaces, and I mean a lot of sanding from 80 grit to P500 to get it super smooth it was all ready for finishing.

Step 4: What a Beauty!

After three coats of matt clear varnish sanding in between each coat with the P500. And adding a last minute decorative heart which was made by gluing up four extra boards and cut out with jig saw and fixed using brad nails. What a little Beauty.

Overall I am really happy with how this, my daughters were ecstatic about it which is why it was immediately filled with all of their favourite toys. Which is the best outcome possible as I am sure you would all agree and I got to learn some new skills along the way.

Appreciate any comments you might have.

On to the next one.


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