Introduction: Pallet USA Wall Art

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Take a old pallet that has some aged to it and make a USA shaped wall art.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1 aged pallet or pallet boards

Sawzall with metal cutting blade

Jigsaw with scrollsaw blade



Hammer and punch


Titebond II Wood glue

Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive

Paper and printer

Tape Measure

2 D-Ring hangers

3/8" Long screws

Step 2: Disassemble Pallet

Using a Sawzall with metal cutting blade. Cut the nails to release the pallet boards

Step 3: Remove Nails

Take a punch or old nail, and hammer all the left over nails out of your boards.

Step 4: Edging Boards

Rip the edges of your pallet boards, so they have a straight edge for gluing.

Note if you have a edge jointer use it instead of tablesaw

Step 5: Making Pattern

Find a pattern on the Internet and print it out to the size of your choice. I had already printed this one out with the flag, for intentions of making one like it, but didn't ( maybe later).

I use some Elmer craft bond adhesive, to attach my pattern to a piece of 3/16" hardboard ( this is for making others)

If you are just making the one, attach the paper pattern to your wood.

To see how I make my patterns with Inkscape, see my Mustang Pony cutout I madehere

Step 6: Arrange Boards for Gluing

Layout your boards onto your pattern. Place the real bad pieces or knots where they will be cut out.

Step 7: Clamp Your Boards

Clamp your boards and let them set overnight.

Step 8: Cleanup

After taking the clamps off, clean up any glue with a scraper or chisel.

Note glue your boards up, with the face side up and wipe off any excess before it dries, it will save you a lot of time. I got in a hurry and forgot.

Step 9: Trace Pattern and Saw

Now trace your pattern onto your pallet stock and cut with a jigsaw. I am using a scroll saw blade for the cutting.

Note take your time with the jigsaw, let the blade do the cutting. Do not force the blade, in some areas you will have to make relief cuts.

Step 10: Sand

Sand the edges of your wood with some sandpaper, I am using a sponge block. All we want to do is remove some of the rough edges.

Step 11: Attach Hardware

Now we are ready to attach the hardware. See the pictures for instructions

I am using D-Ring hangers and some 3/8" long screws.

Step 12: Enjoy

Now hang up your finished piece and enjoy your hard work.

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Note you can spray some sorta clear finish on it, but you don't have too. I like the rough character.