Introduction: Pallet Wood Bed Frame: Queen Size

This project is a do-it yourself way to build your own low-cost, low-profile bed frame by recycling pallet wood.

Step 1: Queen Size Pallet Wood Bed

Step 1. Measure your mattress Width x Length. My Queen Size Mattress is 60" x 80".

Step 2. I went to two Home Improvement stores before I found one that sells their used pallets.

Step 3. I dug through the pile and took out 4 of the pallets that weren't cracked, broken, split, or otherwise defective. Cost was $5 per pallet, so the materials cost $20 plus tax.

Tools Needed: I didn't have a circular saw, so I used my chainsaw to make the cuts, a ruler, pencil, and palm sander.

Step 4. Arrange the four pallets on the ground and measure out the size of your mattress. The pallets I used were 48" x 40".

I left one pallet whole, 48" x 40". Then cut one in half to the outside of the center stringer (21" x 48"). I did not remove any of the boards from the pallet, just cut the pallets apart. Lie the 21" x 48" piece next to the full pallet, and we have 61" wide x 48" long.

Cut another pallet to 21" x 48" outside the second stringer, measure to 32" long and cut the exposed stringers between the pallet boards. The result is one piece 21" x 32"

Next cut the remaining 48" x 40" pallet down to 32" x 40" the same way as you cut the smaller piece, between the stringers if possible, leaving the boards intact, resulting in a final piece 32" x 40".

Arrange the pieces next to each other for a final measurement of 61" x 80"

Finally, I used a palm sander with 150 grit paper to sand down the top and edges in order to smooth off the splinters and make it safer for furniture use.

I did not paint the wood, although my wife has mentioned that I should paint it white.

I did not screw these pieces together, nor did I bolt or nail them, I simply laid these pieces next to each other as in the attached picture, with a mattress on top, they are heavy enough to stay in place and do not move around.

This bed frame has been strong enough that it doesn't make creaking noises or move around like those cheaply made metal frames they sell at the furniture stores and it only cost $20 for the four pallets, a few dollars for the sandpaper, and I used a chainsaw, so a small amount of gas and oil. A circular saw would work just as well, but, I had no problem sanding off the cuts I made with the chainsaw and I did not need to use sawhorses or a table to make the cuts. Total time spent was 3-4 hours, I think it can be done faster with these instructions, I did not have instructions when building this project.

Therefore, I recommend this project to anyone with a bed, the point is not to need to pay for a box spring, or fancy bed frame, when this will do wonderfully. Additionally, you don't need to have a fully equipped wood shop in order to make this bed frame.

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