Introduction: Pallet Wood Bridge

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Easy DIY bridge made from pallets and logs.

We built this bridge so our sheep could cross the creek and eat the grass on the other side.


Made from Pallet Wood, Logs and Chipboard Screws.

Step 1:

Starting with the beams. I used the pallet stringers to make these.

Step 2:

I used a total of 12 stringers. 6 each side.

Step 3:

Pre-drill your holes, larger than the shank of the screws.

Step 4:

Drill 4 holes in each stringer. Keeping in mind, that only half of them need to be drilled.

Step 5:

Give the holes a chamfer.

Step 6:

Overlap your stringers roughly in half. And leave a mark.

Step 7:

Wood glue on one half.

Step 8:

Place your drilled stringer back on top.

Step 9:

Attach them together with batten screws.

Step 10:

The stringers may vary in width, so keep the top side as flat as possible.

Step 11:

Continue to overlap and attach, until you reach your overall length.

Step 12:

Time to pick the location. I chose to put the bridge right beside this large water plant.

Step 13:

Owen dug the post holes.
If you don't have an Owen of your own, you could dig the holes yourself.

Step 14:

I dug the creek out. Because we haven't had rain in a while and the water level was getting low.

Step 15:

Space your posts according to the length of your palings. Allowing for a little overhang.

Step 16:

Time to attach those beams.

Step 17:

Pre-drill and chamfer 2 holes on either end.

Step 18:

I used extra long decking screws to attach these.

Step 19:

Attach one of the screws. Go to the other side with a spirit level and attach your beam once level.

Step 20:

Time to attach the palings.

Step 21:

I used cheap chipboard screws.
And staggered the palings to give the bridge a bit more character.

Step 22:

Pre-drilled a line of holes down the center of all the palings.

Step 23:

Attach a line of palings on the underside.

Step 24:

Between the 2 beams.

Step 25:

The center support really takes up any of that flex in the thinner palings.

And makes the entire thing secure.

Step 26:

Time for the jump test.

Step 27:

Works great.

Step 28:

One of our favorite places to hang out of an afternoon.

Step 29:

If you like building with pallets or other cheaper materials.

Or just want to get a bit more information

You might like to check out some of my YouTube videos.

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