Make a Pallet Clock

Introduction: Make a Pallet Clock

Using a simple clock mechanism, and some old pallet wood, I made this cool, slimline wall clock. I may add numbers and finish in the future, but for now I am enjoying the rustic look!

Step 1: Mark Out the Hollow and Drill Your Hole

You will need to cut out a space for your clock mechanism to fit in. Once this space is marked out, find the center and drill the hole for the shaft of your mechanism.

Step 2: Hollow It Out!

A router or CNC could do this extremely quickly, but I just used a mallet and chisel! Cut out the space that your mechanism will sit in. Be careful not to go through the full depth!

Step 3: Insert the Mechanism and Add the Hands!

With the space all carved out, simply push the mechanism through and tighten the small nut to secure it to the piece. The hands go on in this order:

1st-Hour hand

2nd-Minute hand

3rd-Second hand

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