Introduction: Pallet Wood Credenza

This piece of furniture was built using 99.9% pallet wood! The pallets and milk crate were aquired through the free section on craigslist. It was a joy to design and build, I got my demenions based on the milk crates that I found. Mine ended up being just over 5 ' long 14" deep and 18" tall. Due to the materials this project was very cost effect. In fact it cost me zero dollars! In this Instructables I will give an overview of what I did to achieve my final product. What tools I used and so on. The tools and materials I used could be changed and substituted depending on what you have access to.

Tools I used:
Table saw
Miter Saw/Chop saw
Pneumatic Narrow crown staple gun
Palm sander

2 Pallets
3 Rectangular Milk Crates
Scrap 3/4" plywood
Scrap 1/8" Masonite
Wood glue
11/4" screws/ staples

Step 1: Inner Frame

I started by building the frame and legs. The uprights/legs were build with pallet wood; the Horizontel pieces are a bit of 3/4" plywood that I ripped down to the same width as my pallet wood. The legs were built using two pieces that are tapperd at the bottom, the outer part of the leg goes all the way up the the frame and the other just 6" to the other horizontal price of the frame.

The pieces then got joined together with the siding/top pallet pieces. I glued stapled all of this together using my narrow crown stapler. Using 1 1/4" staples. The top pieces are cut at a 45 degree angle and attached starting with the cernter two pieces and working my way out. Reinforcing the center pieces with a scabbed on piece from underneath.

Step 2: Face Frame and Finish

The next thing I did was add Masonite to the back and interior. This helps the crates slide in and out as well as not fall out the back. Then I made a face frame by ripping down some pallet wood to 1 1/4" wide strips. I mittered the corners and the center where the pieces came together.

Lastly I gave the whole thing a sanding 120 then 150 grit sand paper. I decided to embrace the rustic look of the wood and not go crazy on the sanding and cleaning up. Then I finished it off with two coats of a satin polyurethane.
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