Introduction: How to Make Pallet Wood & Denim Footwear

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I wanted to enter the footwear challenge so I had a look around my workshop and house to see what materials were at hand. I had just finished a pallet wood build so I had plenty leftover in my workshop, I also found an old pair of jeans and upholstery tacks.I worked out a quick really simple design and got to work!

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What you will need:

  • Pallet Wood
  • Old Jeans(2 back pockets)
  • Upholstery Tacks
  • Mitre saw / Hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Handplane / Sander
  • Foot or shoe belonging to the intended recipient of the footwear to make sure the pallet is cut to the right size
  • Clamp

Step 1: Find Some Pallet Wood

  • Find a pallet
  • Break down the pallet whatever way you like
  • My method was to cut along the side of the pallet and pull it off the middle piece of the pallet
  • I then removed any nails to prevent damage to my tools and the future wearers feet
  • Cut the board into 2 manageable pieces

Step 2: Trace Outline of Foot / Old Shoe & Cut Out Soles

  • I traced the outline of an old flip flop
  • Use the Jigsaw to cut out the first sole
  • Trace the outline of the first sole onto the second piece of pallet wood
  • Cut the second sole out
  • I then clamped the 2 soles together and sanded them so that they were an even match.

Step 3: Level the Soles

  • Use a handplane to make sure the soles are of even height
  • I used a homemade bench hook and screws to keep the soles in place as I planed them.

Step 4: Remove the Back Pockets & Fold the Jeans

  • I remove the 2 back pockets from an old pair of jeans
  • I then laid them down on the table and folded them twice so the pointed bottom of the pocket was on the top side of the strap. (can be seen clearly in video.)
  • The pointed part of the jean strap will face the wearers toes.

Step 5: Tack the Jeans Strap to the Sole

  • Try and secure the pallet wood sole in a vice and use the upholstery tacks to join the jeans strap and sole together.
  • This was the hardest part of the project for me as I had no vice.
  • The tacks were extremely easy to bend.

Step 6: Finished!!

  • Your new footwear is now ready to wear!!
  • This was a fun project made out of materials that I had on hand in a very short time!I think even a novice maker could make this project easily!
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