Introduction: Pallet Wood Silverware Holder

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Our kitchen is, well, so poorly designed. It has no drawers. None. Like who puts together a kitchen without drawers?! Terrible flippers, that's who.

Anyway. Tired of our silverware sitting out in a plastic thing on a cart for 2+ years, and until I redesign this particular wall, I made something to hold our silverware.

The great thing about this project is it can be used for all sorts of things -- plants outside, organizing stuff, tools, the list could go on.

Step 1: Hack Up Wood.

I started by cutting up slats of free pallet wood into 4" pieces.

Step 2: Assemble.

I glued the sides to the front and didn't use any fasteners as I didn't want to see any on the face. I did screw the bottoms on from the sides.

Step 3: Arrange.

Once all the little boxes were ready, I arranged them in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Next I took two longer pieces of pallet wood, butted them together. I probably didn't do that the most correct way but I used what I had on hand to as to keep this whole project free-to-me. You can come read about that over on my blog, Flipping the Flip.

Step 4: Attach.

Last step in assembly, attach the little boxes from behind.

Step 5: Hang on Wall.

I drilled through the pallet wood into the wall, put some wall anchors in, and screwed this puppy to the wall that way.

Step 6: Make Use Of.

And there we have it, a free pallet wood silverware holder thingie!

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