Introduction: Pallet Wood Table With Hidden Cooler

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This side table is built like a tank and is designed to be outside. Its made by layering and twisting pallet wood. A section of the center has been routed out to accommodate a cooler in the center. To add a bit of whimsy a flock of origami birds are stenciled on the top.

Dimensions: Each layer was 16" x 16". The total height with the top was a little over 20 inches.

Quick Build Notes:

  • Each layer was twisted 3/4 of an inch and glued and screwed in place
  • Build up a couple of layers then start with the hole for the cooler
  • Give yourself some space for the cooler. Cut the hole so its 1/2" bigger than the diameter of the cooler
  • For the last cooler layer
    • make it the same diameter as the cooler
    • cut inside the scribed circle
    • file to the circle mark until the cooler just fits in there
  • Use expanding foam to hold the cooler inside the hole. Just make sure you remember it EXPANDS A LOT
  • When you install the hinges for the top make sure the screws will not go through the wood. I had to cut some of the screws down so they wouldn't blow through the other side.
  • I used the following designs to make the stencils

  • Use tape to help place where the birds will be. I used different size tape to symbolize the different sizes of the birds
  • I used acrylic paint and a shoe shine brush but next time I'm going to use spray paint
  • I sanded the first layer with 220 grit sandpaper to fade them a little to give it depth.
  • If your lines aren't as crisp as you like then use a knife to scratch away the paint a little
  • Several coats of polyurethane were used to help make it weather resistant. Spar Var is a good choice for outdoor use also.
  • Use cool packs and not ice since there is no drain for the 1 gallon cooler (originally designed for cold water)

Now when you run out of a drink you don't have to get up as often. Another bonus is this thing is so heavy its not going anywhere :) (unintended bonus feature)

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