Introduction: Pallet Desk

A simple way to create a desk using a pallet and some ikea table legs.
The pallet allows to double the desk surface and to get a lot of storage.
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Step 1: Material List

You need :
- 1 pallet (or 2 if you plan to make the top surface with pallet wood)
- 5 mm plywood to make the bottom surface
- wood floor board with interlock (to make the top surface)
- 4 ikea vika legs
- some nails (10mm) and screws (at least 40mm)

Usually, pallet dimensions are 120 x 80cm, so you should select plywood and floor board according to your pallet size.
I have used :
- 2 plywood boards of 60 x 80cm (perfect fit!)
- 5 wood floor board of 16cm width (another perfect fit!)

Advantages of wood floor are : cheap, robust and clean

about tools, you may need a wood saw and metal saw, a hammer with a nail puller and a screw gun 

Step 2: Dismantle the Pallet

there are 2 ways :
- using a nail puller, this is quite long
- using a metal saw and sawing between the 2 parts to dismantle them, faster 

Step 3: Assembly

Cut the floor boards (5) to fit the pallet board (2) length
Adjust the plywood boards (1)  to get an overall surface equal to pallet board (2) x cross-board (4) 

Now you have every parts at the right size, let's build up the desk!

- nail the plywood (1) into the 3 bottom boards (2)
- screw the pallet blocks (3) through the bottom boards (2)
- screw the pallet block (3) through the cross-boards(4)
- screw the floor board (5) into the cross-boards (4)
- screw the leg (6) into the bottom boards (2)

Step 4: Option : the Secret Access to Hidden Treasure :)

if you have chosen the floor board with interlock, you can create a secret access by sliding boards.

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