Pallet Garden Reference Design! Combined With Vertical Gardening and Water Recycling!

Introduction: Pallet Garden Reference Design! Combined With Vertical Gardening and Water Recycling!

This was my first attempt at raised bed pallet gardening and it has since changed into 2 designs! A vertical pallet planter with bucket feet and an inclined pallet garden that slopes a little and the water drains to one end to be recycled.    1 week later and I have added 5 more videos (unlisted)  to the playlist. (This is  for anyone who wants detail for their own pallet gardens.   The bed is entirely raised so that trees cannot suck the water away, there is water recycling so nutrients stay in flux and hopefully they will be used quickly.  There is also the option to add compost tea production  to the project  and even composting  in and as part of the vertical planter.  (It just has to be built bigger to make that part of the project.)
On (day 2) I have put in a 10 inch high bucket underneath to better take care of water supply.
Playlist is at
Today 19th of August we are in week 2 of the experiment!   Lets move quickly!

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    This thing is actually going really well! And there are now several videos in the playlist. I have also started "dripper irrigation" for my second pallet garden. Dripper irrigation would typically use a rain barrel for really slow irrigation. (A week or more is possible from one rain barrel) It can also use quite dirty water or even compost tea. I believe either would block up "drip" irrigation.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I favorited this. Will have to study up so we can set some up next growing season. Thanks for the Instructable!

    I added a decent sized reservoir for water and compost tea and made a playlist at because things are probably going to change "on the fly" as the learning experience continues. Individual videos might disappear but the the playlist will stay. AND I can add other people's pallet gardens to the playlist too!