Introduction: Pallet Shelves for Vertical Garden (easy)

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Small garden or no garden at all? I made some shelves from pallets to create a nice vertical garden for vegetables, herbs and flowers. 
I'll show you in 4 easy steps how I did it. It cost me almost nothing and had a lot of joy.

What you need:
- some wood from pallets (for the shelves and the supports)
- two wooden beams (to put against the wall)
- screws (to fix the wooden beams to the wall and to attach the wooden shelves to the beams)
- screwdriver
- drill (and electricity ofcourse, or one on batteries)

Step 1: Attach Two Wooden Beams to the Wall

Drill holes in the wooden beams.
Put beams against the wall.
Mark the spot on the wall were the holes are.
Drill holes in the wall.
Screw the beams to the wall.
I used two screws for each beam.

Step 2: Attach the Supports for the Shelves

Decide were your shelves will come.
Leave enough space so the plants will have enough light.
I made four shelves onto a height of aproximatly 2 meters so 50 cm between each shelf.

Attach supports on the inside of the beams.
I've cut a shelf from a pallet in a slight angel so it would look nice.
(more detail in the last pictures)

Step 3: Attach the Shelves

Attach the shelves from pallets to the supports.
I used two so my containers would fit.
I've kept a little space between them so water could run through.

Step 4: Put Pots and Containers on the Shelves... Finished

You're done.
Now you can put pots or containers on the shelves and start growing some vegetables, herbs or flowers.
I have sown lettuce and radish for now. I will also sow coriander, dill, nasturtium (love the eatable flowers!), small onion, garlic.

Hope to post some pictures of the herbs and vegetables in a couple of weeks...

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