Introduction: Palletroni Pizza

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This Palletroni Pizza can be made from the thin wood slats that you can easily cut from a pallet. It makes a great decoration for a restaurant or play food for a kids kitchen. I think it would look great on the wall as a clock if you add a clock mechanism.

Watch my video of this project that I previously created for an up-cycle event, then read through all the steps for more details to make your own Palletroni Pizza!

Step 1: Trim the Pallet Wood

This pizza will be 14" in diameter so you will need several slats that you can glue up into a board that is at least 14" square. Clean up the surface as desired with a sander or surface planer, then trim the edges nice and straight using a table saw or circular saw.

Step 2: Glue Up the Board

Glue the slats together to make a board that is at least 14" square and let it dry. Use clamps and be careful to keep it as flat as possible.

Step 3: Draw a Circle Onto the Board for the Crust

A 5-gallon bucket is about 14", so you can use that or a compass to draw your 14" circle to be cut onto the board. This will become the pizza crust.

Step 4: Cut the Circle

I tilted my bandsaw table to about 45 degrees and cut the circle for the crust. This angle helps to make the bottom edge of the crust curve up. You can also use a jigsaw as most jigsaws have a base that tilts.

Step 5: Cut the Top Portion of the Crust

Use the cutoff pieces from the main part of the crust to cut the top edge of the crust. Keep the bandsaw tilted to cut curved pieces that are flat on the bottom and triangle shaped. These pieces will be glued onto the edges of the circle in the next step.

Step 6: Shape the Crust Pieces

Sand the bottom edge of the circle smooth and round it over randomly to make it look like pizza crust. Also sand the curved triangle pieces, since it's easier to do that now before they are glued onto the circle.

Step 7: Glue the Crust Together

Glue the top edges of the crust onto the circle. You will need to cut the ends so you can fit them together around the ring. Clamp and let dry.

Step 8: Make the Pizza Sauce

Mix some wood glue, red food coloring, oregano, and basil together to make the pizza sauce. The spices will make it actually smell like pizza.

Step 9: Stain the Crust

Apply some brown stain to the pizza crust to make it look real and let it dry. You may want to seal this in with spray lacquer, although it's not necessary.

Step 10: Brush the Sauce Onto the Crust

Brush the sauce onto the pizza crust. Spread it evenly. I used a silicone basting brush for easy clean-up. While the sauce is still wet, sprinkle saw dust from trimming the pallet wood onto the pizza for the cheese. You may also sprinkle some oregano and basil on it for extra pizza aroma. Let it dry.

Step 11: Add Pepperoni

Cut some small thin circles from the leftover pallet wood for pepperoni. Paint it red and add some black dots with a Sharpie. Glue the wooden pepperoni onto the pizza.

Step 12: Cut the Pizza

A regular pizza cutter won't work for this wooden pizza. Use a scroll saw, jigsaw, or bandsaw to cut the pizza into slices. I cut only one slice out of my pizza. If you are making a pizza wall clock, you may not want to cut the pizza.

Step 13: Enjoy the Palletroni Pizza

Enjoy your wooden Palletroni Pizza as desired, but I don't recommend tasting it! Decorate a restaurant, make a clock, or let the kids serve it at their next tea party! Thanks for checking out my pallet project!

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