Introduction: Palm Fruit Cooler - Ice Apple Cooler - Summer Drink Recipe - Nungu


We will not call the Indian summer horrible. The extreme summer heat is like spilt milk and we will not cry over it. Every action has a consequence and this is us paying dearly for the idiocy we still call as development. The hopeful side of summer in the subcontinent are the fruits. Plantains and bananas are available all through the year but the two that complete the trinity arrive only when mercury scales new heights. Jack and mangoes, absolutely delicious. Besides these, there are many others including the fantastic palm fruit, some call it an ice apple. In Tamizh we call it Nungu.

Using palm fruit we will show you an easy way to make a soothing cooler. Follow one simple rule and you will love this recipe. Do not sweeten the milk with an overdose of palm jaggery or any other sugar. 30 to 40 grams of palm jaggery is good enough as lactose in milk will contribute as we reduce the milk over low heat. Our recipe will yield 4 servings, with 220 kilocalories in each.

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