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Introduction: Palm Oil Kernel Ring

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Using the seed of the palm oil kernel to make the unique ring.. Choose the best angle of the kernel to make the ring you like.

Step 1: Supply

Palm oil fruit

Remove the outer layer of the fruit and take only the seed.

Choose the bigger fruit to get the bigger kernel seed.

Tool - i'm using dremel

Step 2: Cut and Remove the Kernel

Choose the nicest angle that you can get from the seed to make your ring.

It has the unique surface that can be the design of your ring

Once you had choose the angle.. Using the dremel tool, make the hole from the seed and remove the kernel

Step 3: Sand and Polish

Now you already have the round base.. Sand the ring to make it perfect round.

For my ring, i make use the kernel pore to become a design of the ring.. It look like the eyes. I think i like it.. Each seed has 3 pores.. So you can use it to be your ring design. Every seed is unique.

After you satisfied with your ring resign and shape.. Just polish it using polishing material.

Step 4: Your Ring Done!!

It's done!! ;)

**i just found the small palm fruit oil, it only can fit my baby finger. Choose bigger fruit with bigger kernel seed to get bigger ring size.

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