Introduction: Palm Pipe Wind Instrument

Hai i am back with another village entertainment. I learn it from my grandpa. Its a wind blow instrument. He made it in different size even more than two feet. Me and my elder brother fight for the biggest one. He used to make it when we go to Thiruchendur for vacation where lot of Borassus flabellifer trees found.

I am not a best music player but if it is in the hand of any wind instrument player then i sure its makes us happy.

Step 1: Items Needed

Materials needed

1) Borassus flabellifer leaf (Asian palmyra palm leaf)

Tools needed

1) Scissors (I Use Scissors. My grandfather use tree spikes to tare leaves )

Step 2: Prepare the Item

Mouth Piece

1) Tare a single part from the leaf and its look like a strip.

2) There are vein in the side of the leaf its very hard. So remove the vein.

3) Cut two similar rectangular piece in length wise (According to the size the sound various).

4) Hold two pieces together.

5) Keep one side together and make open like moth in the other side for air inlet.( Now test the mouth piece by blow the air from one side. (Its makes sound but it not pleasant)

6) Take Single part from the leaf as per step 1 and 2.(As per the size of the instrument u want).

Step 3: Make Pipe Body With Mouth Piece.

1) Hold the mouth piece in the left hand.

2) Take the tare piece in the right hand and roll it from the middle of the mouth piece tightly.

3) First two times roll it tight at the same place.and grip it with the left hand.

4) Then Roll it like a cone and hold it in the left hand.

5) Cut a small piece of vein already we separate from the leaf and pin it in the tip to stop it loosen.

6) If no gap found in the mouth piece just insert a vein up to half of the mouth piece u found a gap.

Step 4: Play Small Instrument First

Now hold it in the with lips and blow air according to the music. We also change the mouth piece by remove the old one and insert the new one.

Step 5: Make Big One With Long Mouth Piece

1) Here for the next one i did the same and at the end of first leaf part i add another one and another one. So i add 4 leaf part in this one.

2) Insert the second leaf part below the first leaf part end. Then roll the second leaf part. Do it again and again.

Note:- If u want pin each joint by using vein. If u gone expert u cant need that.

3) Now the bigger one is also ready.

Note:- Be careful the leaf are some time very sharp so use it very safely.

Step 6: Play the Bigger One

Lot of sounds with different pipe size and different mouth piece size. Lot of village peoples how to play it nicely. But i cant just a sound i make. If u music player kindly make it. Play it and send the music.

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