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Introduction: Palm Pre Case Mod

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I am a mac man 4 life. Okay, I have a palm pre so sue me. anyway, I realized that the little fabric bag that comes with the pre would make a sic ass case.

Step 1: Materials

Palm sure went all out when they decided to take on the iphone, I mean, look at how much money they spend on ads. When I got my phone I noticed immediettly that palm put a lot of thought and care into the packaging. Instead of the felt square familiar to ipod owners, a pouch was included. A sweet pouch.
you need:

a clip
needle @ thread

Step 2: Slice

Cut a thin line along the length of the pouch. I used a razor, and very gingerly cut only the top layer of the pouch. Sow the zipper into the lining. The clasp can be attached using the safety clip. I Have used this case since I got my pre and I love it, it has a spot for my cards, and if necessary, a little change(i wouldn't recommend actually putting change in there).

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