Pan Gullich - Climbing Bed

Introduction: Pan Gullich - Climbing Bed

This instructables show you how I did my Pan gullich -Bed... It is a bed with a Pan Gullich  underneath it. Enjoy it!

Step 1: Some Materials I Used...

Step 2: Some Planning...

Step 3: Attachment Trought the 10cm Wall

Step 4: Making the Base With Pivots

Step 5: Making the PAN

Step 6: Adding Extra Legs for the Bed and Angle Indicator

Step 7: Fixing the Bed With Pivots and With the Wall

Step 8: Making and Fixing Pan Gullich Slats

Step 9: Finished Project

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    hello Carlo - nice project! Did you do any force calculations on the attachments? The wall mounts look strong, but the bed attachments look like the weak spots. And force is applied at an increasing angle when you increase the bed angle from the wall. But anyway - looks awesome!
    Best regards

    carlo crespi
    carlo crespi

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi MHaakansson! yes..this training equipment take his name from the great Wolfgang Gullich!! I haven't done any force calculations but I'm pretty mellow about the wall and the bed attachments too...because i usually use it at 25° angle and not more than that!! Anyway i'm thinking of making a second sefty attachments with the part of the chain left, or reinforce the actual attachment!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    PS. Are the slats named after the late and great Wolfgang Gullich? (Separate Reality, Acion Directe etc)