Introduction: Pancake Sandwiches.....F-yeah!

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Perhaps it's midnight, maybe you have a craving for something over-the-top, possibly you're exhausted of eating boring crap, or, could it be that bacon is on your mind!?!

ENTER the pancake sandwich.  It's a marvel of modern man.  Pork meets dairy meets jam meets your mouth!  Your senses will be entangled in their own personal battle between savory, sweet and salty!  

It's THE amazing PANCAKE SANDWICH - a magical creation meant to scratch your carnivorous belly where it needs it most, all the meanwhile giving you the cavity that your sweet tooth has been petitioning for.  

I deem this an open-source pancake-edness project, so please feel free to tweak...but remember thou shalt not keep saliva inducing pancake goodness to yourself. 

Step 1: Bacon Time!

BACON (n.) - a gift to meat-a-vores meant to torture vegetarians.   

For our purposes, the bacon serves as an integral support structure for our pancake sandwich :)  Seriously though, how can you not smile saying PANCAKE SANDWICH!!!!!

Cook up your bacon all deliciously, but DON'T overcook it, as it will be placed in the batter later, where additional buttery heat will be applied, further crisp-a-fying the pork.  

Once done cooking it, place it on a paper towel to get rid of the excess grease.  Once it's cool enough to the touch, break it into two parts, and if your pirate heart desires, make it into an "x"

Step 2: Pancakes

Most of you who are reading this probably survive on pancakes, so I apologize for this component of the instructions.

Step 1:  Pour the batter

Step 2: Immediately after pouring the batter place the "x" of bacon into the raw batter

Step 3:  Watch the batter bubble up....this is where the bacon and the batter become really, really, really good friends.  Think of the bacon as Han Solo and the batter as carbonite - they're gonna be together for awhile.  

Step 4: Flip the damn pancake so it doesn't get burnt! 

Step 5: Flip it again to make sure it's nicely toasted 

Step 3: Sandwich Time

If you haven't committed a culinary fail, your PANCAKE SANDWICH is almost done.  

Step 1: Take the two halves of your pancake that has your delicious, delicious bacon embedded inside of it.....mmmmmmmm.....baccccoooonnnnn!  

Step 2: Make sure the bacon side is facing you. 

Step 3: Wipe drool from face

Step 4: Smother pancake sides in desired stuff - I recommend peanut butter, local honey, kosher salt and raspberry jam

Step 5: Make the damn sandwich and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: REPEAT