Introduction: Pandahall Instruction on How to Make Chain Tassel Necklace With Glass Beads

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Are you searching for chain necklace with beads? Look here, this tutorial will show you a chain tassel necklace with glass beads. Hope you will like it.

Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making the Chain Necklace With Beads:

8MM Clear Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads

6 MM Clear Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads

8MM Faceted Round Glass Beads

14x8MM Faceted Glass European Beads

12x6MM Faceted Drop Electroplate glass Beads

10MM Golden Clear Rhinestone Spacer Beads

2MM Golden Spacer Beads

Golden Twisted Chain

0.2MM Transparent Fishing Wire

Golden Eyepins

Golden Ball Headpins

Golden Jump Rings

Golden Spring Clasps

Golden Cross Chain

Round Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers


Step 2: Make a Beaded Chain Pattern

1st, slide a drop faceted glass bead to an eyepin and wrap the eyepin to fix the bead;

2nd, slide a 8mm clear abacus glass bead to an eyepin and link it with the drop bead pattern together;

3rd, make a 6mm clear glass bead pattern with an eyepin and make a loop at the other end of it;

4th, cut 2 pieces of twisted chain, one chain is long and the other one is quite short, then link the chains with the bead patterns together as pictured.

Step 3: Finish the Beaded Chain Tassel

1st, repeat step 1 to make other more such beaded chains, then cut a piece of fishing wire, fold it in half and hang all the beaded chains together with it;

2nd, slide a blue glass European bead, a rhinestone spacer bead, a red faceted glass bead and a 2mm spacer bead to the wire.

Step 4: Finish the Chain Tassel Necklace

1st, cut a piece of twisted chain, then slide a blue faceted glass bead to an eyepin and attach it with middle of the chain;

2nd, make other 3 faceted glass bead pattern with 6mm and 8mm glass beads, then combine them together with the blue bead pattern, and attach a spring clasp to it as pictured;

3rd, cut another piece of twisted chain, and link it with the bead pattern, then slide a 8mm clear glass bead to a ball headpin and attach it with the chain as pictured;

4th, hang the beaded chain tassel to the jump ring as pictured.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of This Chain Necklace With Beads.

How do you like this chain necklace with beads? It is quite characteristic and chic, yes? Just try to make the personalized chain tassel necklace now, and I think you will like it really~

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