Introduction: Pandora’s Box

This was an assignment done by my team in our course Materials and Processing 203.We were asked to make something that gives out light. We went a bit supernatural and designed this light giving cube.This box can be made in few simple steps .Its simple and fun..!!! Check it out...


1. A sheet of plywood

2. Lots of LED lights or a long strip

3. Plugs and wires

4. Nails

5. A little of your stationery supply

6. Paint suitable for plywood

Step 2: 1. Deciding How Big You Want Your Cube to Be

According to your convenience and the raw materials available decide on what the

dimensions of each face of the cube would be. Don’t make it too large, it might become

heavy. Don’t make it too small, it would lose its appeal. We decided that each side of our

cube would be 24cms long.

Step 3: 2. Cutting Out Square Plywood Sheets

Once you have decided how long each side of your cube would be, cut them out on a wood

cutting machine. There should be 5 of them. For the base choose a plywood which is thicker

than the ones we just cut out. This would be the sixth piece of wood.

Step 4: 3. Making Holes on the Cut Out Square Pieces

We’re now ready to drill holes in the square sheets that we have freshly cut out. We decided

to have 20 holes (which means 20 LED lights) on each of the square pieces except the base.

Make the markings according to where you want your holes to be. Using a drilling machine,

carefully drill holes at the intersections of the markings we just made.

Step 5: 4. Painting the Pieces Black.

Start painting the each of the faces and the base. Use black synthetic enamel wood paint.

Step 6: 5. Putting in the LEDs

Take the base, and around it fix four square pieces using nails. Once you get a stable box,

with nothing on the top, start placing your LEDs, once at a time, in all the holes that you

drilled. After you are done, you might want to test the working of LEDs.

Step 7: 6. Decorating Further

At this moment the painted cube

would have very plain and

uninteresting look. Take white sheets

of paper. Draw whatever you like and

cut the pieces out of it. Paste the

pieces on to the faces of cube. Make

sure you don’t concentrate all pieces

around one point. Spread the paper

pieces and cover entire area of the


Step 8: 7. and Then God Said “let There Be Light”

Step 9: Cost Analysis –

We got a lot of material from our Workshop for free. This includes plywood sheets, all tools used to

cut it out and various other services. The materials we had to spend on were:

Long LED strips – 130 * 2 = 260Rs

Switch and wire combined – 30Rs

All other costs – Around 50Rs

Total – 340Rs