Introduction: Panic Button With SMS+GPS (Linkit One)

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This project is for the Linkit One. This prototype board is programed like an Arduino but has a lot more features. This project demonstrates the GSM (SMS) and GPS units.

The features of this project:

  • Press the button to send SMS to one or more numbers
  • The SMS contains "I am in trouble" and a google maps link to current or last known location
  • Any incoming SMS is replied to with a new google maps link.

In terms of hardware, all you need to add is a pushbutton and some casing if you plan to bring it somewhere.

Step 1: Setup

  1. Install the IDE as described by Mediatek:Linkit One IDE
  2. Upload a simple blink sketch to the LIO just to get warm.
  3. Get your SIM ready:
    1. First put the SIM in a phone
    2. Use phone settings to remove SIM-lock (PIN). The LIO GSM module doesn't support PIN.
    3. Slide the SIM into the holder on the back with the connector facing the board and the cut corner sticking out (see picture)
  4. Connect a pushbutton between pin 2 and GND

Step 2: The Code

  • Download the sketch
  • Open it up in the Arduino IDE
  • Add one or more destination phone numbers
  • Upload

That's it! Leave the board somewhere where you should get a GPS fix. Press the button and you should get a SMS with a Google Maps-link. Reply to the SMS (any body) and you should get a new location. You don't have to be in the list of destination numbers query the position.