Introduction: Pano 360 Virtual Reality Photo Shot With PcDuino8 Uno

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Insert these three USB cameras to pcDuino8 Uno using a USB hub.

Now we can install the necessary software tools.

First, lets install USB camera image capture software.

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install fswebcam

We can the following command to check the video device that these USB cameras correspond to:

$ls /dev/video*

We can find that our cameras are /dev/video0, /dev/video1, and /dev/video2.
To test the camera, issue the following command:

$ fswebcam --skip 2 -p YUYV -r 2592x1994 --jpeg 100 --rotate 90 -d /dev/video0 a.jpg

To display the captured image, we can install imagemagick:

$sudo apt-get install imagemagick
$display a.jpg

The stitch engine will be HUGIN. So the next step is to install hugin:

$sudo apt-get install hugin

After its done, we can use the following script to capture images and stitch:

fswebcam --skip 3 -p YUYV -r 2592x1994 --jpeg 100 --rotate 90 -d /dev/video0  video0.jpg 
fswebcam --skip 3 -p YUYV -r 2592x1994 --jpeg 100 --rotate 90 -d /dev/video2 video2.jpg fswebcam --skip 3 -p YUYV -r 2592x1994 --jpeg 100 --rotate 90 -d /dev/video1 video1.jpg
nona -o out -m TIFF_m template.pto video0.bmp video1.bmp video2.bmp
enblend --compression=100 -w -f6000x3000 -o template.jpg -- out0000.tif out0001.tif out0002.tif

We need to manually stitch the three images beforehand using PTGUI and save the pto file.

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