Panorama Head

Introduction: Panorama Head

Ever wanted to take Panorama pictures like the pros......

well you need a Panoramic head or Pano. they cost a bit of $$$$$

but if you follow this instructions you can make one very cheap and it works.

make sure to use HARD wood.

you will need
2 7 inch long pcs

1x 10 inch long for the arm see picture

make a round piece for the bottom it goes with the Quick release plate. From your tripod .
next take the two 7 inch pieces. i called them V & H
Glued the two together so it looks like an L.
take your SRL Camera and measure the bottom Screw Female part. to the edge of camera.
Now transfer this measurement to the V and H Pieces, see picture..

to make the Arm you need a Router to cut a Groove that goes in the middle about 5 inches long about 1/4 inch wide.

the base of the Arm the Bit that supports the camera needs to be as big as the bottom of your camera..
and put some rubber or cork so the camera does not move.

get a washer with rubber glued to one side and put it on the out side of the L shape piece the V side.
make sure its secure..
make a round piece 2 1/4 inches wide drill a hole in the middle ..try to use a drill press for this. as it will be nice and strait get the Quick release plate. " the one that Came with your tripod."
you may need to remove the screw that came with it. and replace it with one thats about 2 inches long.

on top of the plate put the round piece. then it goes under piece H. and secure. make sure its not to tight you want this to move or rotate.L and R.
Now grab your Camera and attach it the the Arm Inside position.
it must be on Portrait Not Landscape. see picture.

while looking at your creation front ways the Lens must be rite smack in the middle .. see picture.....

Now goto google and find on youtube Nodal Point. and you will learn to set the pano to get panorama pictures that look and every picture fits the right way. good Luck Hope you guys like this.... Cheers

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