Introduction: Panorama Head

I want to take a pictures in panoramic view, even 360 degree. Well, some trials from hand was not successful as I expected. Problem was hold still and nodal point. Then I found on web a huge offer for panorama heads. The prices are...ouch. And t than I go in my working corner.

Step 1: Start With Finding Material

I took rough measurements of my camera, find out Plexiglas 8mm, took hand saw and start. Here you see strips 45mmx 8mm.
Well, boring and hard work.

Step 2: Grinding

Well, not all work was by hand. 50% is with machines.

Step 3: First Look

Some of parts was made... still to go.
Here are shall be two heads on end. Plexy parts was glued with a blur made when you put the Plexy sawdust in the chloroform. Very good glue.
Some ideas how it shall work after finishing.

Step 4: Assembled

Two assembled. Some close ups.

Step 5: Mounted on My Stativ

As you can see. Looks pretty good. And it is functional...

Step 6: It Has to Be Stronger...

I found that for heavier cameras and lenses you need to take stronger Plexy, The third was made from 45mm x 9mm strips.

Step 7: Reinforcements

So I go back, and add - glue a layer of 4mm on previous model on vertical and horizontal part. Because I have not the same material I take this layer in different color.  To be nicer ...
Now it is ready for heavier cameras...

Step 8: Test ...

Ahhh.... this is it...

Costs?  Few cents. Two hour work.   :)))

Or go to web /Ebay... there are plenty of kind...


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