Introduction: Panther Tank Made From Popsicle Sticks

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Well I found a bunch of popsicle sticks in my garage and had some free time on my hands so i decided to make a Panther Tank from WW2.

Step 1: Making the Main Hull

Take 4 regular sized popsicle sticks and i extra large one and lay them down next to each other and join them with another stick cut in half. Next take 3 regular sized sticks and lay them upright and glue in place.

Step 2: Trim Popsicle Sticks

Trim the ends of the sticks to roughly 50° and this completes the upper glacis.

Step 3: Tank Sides and Upper Deck

Take one of the large sticks and cut the ends and glue to the top of the upper glacis.
Then take another large stick and trim as before and glue it to the corner and repeat for the other side.

Step 4: Tank Deck

With the corners done trim the ends and cut 2 large sticks 3/4 of the way up and join them using a smaller stick.
To make the deck of the tank use the larger sticks and trim the ends so they are the same length as the first one glued to the upper glacis.

Step 5: Lower Hull and Glacis

With the top of the deck facing down make a criss-cross pattern with the regular sticks 2 layers high and place 2 large sticks flat on the supports on both sides and trim flush with the front.
Take 2 large sticks and place them on their sides and join them on the lower part of the upper glacis and trim them flush with the surface.

Use 4 regular sticks and join them together and trim them so they are the same length as the lower part of the upper glacis.

Stack 2 large sticks on top of the 2 earlier large sticks then join the 4 regular sticks to the front of the upper glacis and the other end flush with the large sticks making 80° angle.

Trim the large sticks flush with the 4 regular sticks and this completes the lower hull and lower glacis.

Step 6: Tank Rear and Bottom

Just like the upper Glacis make the rear of the tank with 1 large stick and 6 regular sticks and add the same vertical sticks.
Then use regular sticks to close the bottom.

Step 7: Extend the Hull to the Rear

Using large sticks extend the hull backwards until they meet the rear plate and trim them flush.
Then use regular sticks to extend the bottom of the tank.

Step 8: Turret

Make a tapered square 7 regular sticks high for the mantlet.
For the sides of the turret angle the sticks back and at the halfway mark cut them off then use more sticks to close the back of the turret.

Step 9: Gun Barrel

Using some extra small sticks laminate 2 to make a core.
Then add 5 small sticks around the core repeat 5 times and on the 5 one add a 2nd & 3rd layer to build thickness then attach to turret.

Step 10: Tracks and Wheels

Cut regular sized sticks in half and lay them down next to each other and run a 60 cm length of yarn or wire and glue in place then join the ends of the track together.
Unfortunately i could not move my hand at this point due to hours of cutting and the wheels turned out really bad.

To make them criss-cross 4 small sticks to make a 8 point star and join the ends of the star do this 10 times

Step 11: Glue Tracks to Hull

Glue the tracks to the hull and your done.