Introduction: Paper Air Plane

You will need Scissors and a piece of printer paper.

Step 1: Folding

1.Start with a regular piece of printer paper and fold the top right flap down, and also the other way. 2. Fold the corner in, unfold the big flap and do the same on the other side. 3. Follow the pictures it's easier than me explaining it

Step 2: Making the Guide Wing

Fold the bottom part of the plane to the thick part and cut on the line or crease and tear.

Step 3: Folding & Cutting the Guide Wing

Step 4: Assembling the Plane

1.Lay the plane out flat 2. Fold the wings leaving at the bottom the same amount as the guide wing folded. 3. Slide the guide wing between the top and bottom part of the plane and let it soar!!! HOPE YOU LIKED MY FIRST TUTORIAL AND WILL BE MAKING MORE LATER!