Introduction: Paper Airplane

1.Piece of Paper

2.Pen or pencil any color for personalizing your plane.

Step 1: Paper

Set one piece of paper on a flat surface. Printer paper or thicker paper works best for flight time and tricks, try different papers to see what you like. I used regular notebook paper and my plane crashed very quickly.

Step 2: Fold

Fold the piece of paper in half long way. Creasing the fold flat.

Step 3: Unfold

Unfold the paper with the creased edge facing downwards.

Step 4: Corner Fold

Fold the right and left top corners into the middle evenly until the side aligns with the middle crease. Creasing the fold flat.

Step 5: Fold Corner Again

Fold the same corners again on top of its self again to the middle creasing it again both sides.

Step 6: Folding the Top

Fold the top pointed tip down towards yourself, making the point align with the bottom flat edge.

Step 7: Fold in Half

Now fold the paper in half along the crease, but against the first crease.

Step 8: Fold Down Small End

The skinner side that is the nose of the plane, the slanted side needs to be folded down towards the main crease. Do this for both sides of the plane.

Step 9: Unfold

Now open back up the main crease showing the pointed tip upwards

Step 10: Fold Tip

Fold the tip back towards the top only to the last folds from step 7.

Step 11: Back in Half

Now fold the plan back in half with the previous folds showing on the outside.

Step 12: Bend the Wings

bend the wings down leaving a thin base for the body of the plane.

Step 13: Wings

Now fold the wing tops down towards the base of the plane just slightly.

Step 14: Back Draft

Now at the back of the plane in the middle of the folds you need to fold a small section about one inch in the reverse of the rest of the fold and crease it to create a small slant at the back base part of the plane at the center.

Step 15: Style

Now the fun part. add any color or style or pictures you want. I added Teeth like a A-10 Warthog. Many options be creative. Then go fly it. Lastly change small things, or material to see the changes until you find a plane you like.