Introduction: Paper Airplane

You will have two planes and compare them to see which one is faster and you will customize them at the end with crayons or colored pencils. This is for a 6 year old kid who is bored at home and has nothing to do.


Paper (regular printer paper)


Step 1: Folding Corners

Fold both the right and left corner so that they meet at the middle.

Step 2: Folding

Fold the paper inwards in half vertically.

Step 3: Making Flaps

Fold both of the sides so you create flaps.

Step 4: Starting Next Paper Airplane

Fold the corners to the center.

Step 5: Mail Envelope

Fold it so that it looks like a mail envelope.

Step 6: Folded Corners

Fold the corners again to the center, but leave some space for a little triangle below those folded corners.

Step 7: Triangle Up

The little triangle that is there fold it up on top of where the corners meet.

Step 8: Fold

Fold the whole paper in half outward.

Step 9: Mkaing Flaps

Fold both sides so that you can make flaps like in the other airplane.

Step 10: Customize and Test

Customize both of your airplanes with colored pencils and test which ones goes faster.

Step 11: Safety

Do not fly it into someone's eye or into a roof. Fly it in an open area so it doesn't get stuck somewhere.