Paper Airplane Glider




Introduction: Paper Airplane Glider

This is a fun and easy way to make a unique paper airplane. This paper airplane tends to float and glide better than you typical pointy paper airplane. If you have kids, they'll have a blast throwing this airplane. The best thing about this airplane is that you can make it with one single sheet of paper!

Step 1: Items That You Will Need.

All you need is a single 8x11 sheet of paper. Printer paper typically works best.

Step 2: Fold # 1

For the purposes of this instructable, I've numbered the corners to help you understand which way to fold the paper. In this step, you will fold corner "1" to "2". When you fold "1" to "2", you'll create a nice sharp triangle.

Step 3: Fold # 2

As you can see, the paper has now taken on the shape of a triangle. The next step will be to fold "2" to "3". The paper will now take on the shape of an upside down house.

Step 4: Fold # 3

As you can see, our paper now looks something like an upside down house. The next step will be to fold "3" to "4". You're going to want to take your time on this step because the paper is going to start getting thicker, which will make the folds a little more challenging.

Step 5: Fold # 4

Ok, so the pointy "roof" part of our upside down house should now be folded in. We will now fold our paper airplane in half. You'll want to fold the "4" side over to the "5" side. You'll want to ensure that both corners of the paper airplane line up.

This is another fold where you'll want to take your time. The middle area where we folded the "roof" in is very thick and challenging to fold.

Step 6: What It Should Look Like So Far From the Side!

Step 7: What It Should Look Like So Far From the Front!

Step 8: Fold # 5

Ok, so this is the part of the process where we are going to give the paper airplane its wings. In this step, you'll fold "5" down to "6". Pay close attention to the dotted line that I drew. You're going to fold the entire portion of the wing down. You'll need to complete this on both wings.

***The second image is what the plane should look like from the side once you fold "5" to "6".***

Step 9: Fold # 6

Ok, we're almost finished!!!! In this step, you're going to make a very small fold. You'll fold "7" up to "8" across the dotted line. This fold is going to give the wings some rudders that will help it glide better.

This particular step will be completed on both wings.

Step 10: Launch Your Glider!!!

I would suggest gently throwing your paper airplane glider. This type of paper airplane does better when you throw it lightly at an upward angle. Have fun!!!!

I've included three photos of what the plane should look like when you've finished.

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