Introduction: Paper Airplane Slingshot

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If you are a paper airplane fanatic like me, you need an instrument that will catapult your plane across the room with only the slightest movement of your fingers. This 'ible will teach you how to make a slingshot for your paper airplane in only a few minutes.

For this Instructable, you need
• a piece of paper
• a paperclip
• a piece of cardboard about 1" by 5"
• a rubber band

Step 1: Making the Airplane

Before you make the slingshot, you need to make the airplane. The slingshot works well with a sleek and fast shape, which you can find at this Instructable. This kind is ideal for the slingshot, but not necessary.

(Just a hat tip to GorillazMiko for his awesome Instructable that I used above. You are awesome.)

Step 2: Modifying the Airplane

Now, we need some way to hook the slingshot onto the plane so that it fits but will easily come off when you release. To make this part, unfold a bit of the airplane and make a small hole a few inches down the tip along the center. Next, take your paperclip and bend the outside end back so it resembles a 'S' with a curve on the end. Still with me? Great! If you aren't, go back and read it again while looking at the pictures. Go ahead, I'll wait. Ready? Because this time I'm not stopping. Slide the paperclip though the hole in the plane, then fold the plane back up, like so.

Step 3: Making the Slingshot

Take the piece of cardboard and fold it in half. Put the rubber band on it and slide it up to the fold. Tape it up so the rubber band can't slide off.

Step 4: Liftoff!

To fly, hook the rubber band onto the part of the paper clip that is sticking out below the plane. Pull back and release! It should soar across the room or the front lawn or wherever you release it. The reason I am writing this is so that you can learn an easy paper airplane hack. Thanks for reading this, and I hope it helps you!

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