Introduction: Paper Art

A few months ago, I saw a wooden piece of art similar to this one I crated out of paper. I thought it would look really good in different colors. So I decided to use the soft ware Corel Draw to make my own patterns. Then I cut them out in acrylic using a laser cutter. After making one I started making more and more of them out of different materials. I wanted to make some that anyone can make, so I decided to make some out of paper. I used an exacto knife to cut them and it worked out really well.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:

  • Colored Paper
  • Exacto knife or laser cutter
  • Tape
  • Frame (optional)
  • A printer (If you are using an exacto knife)
  • A ruler (If you are using an exacto knife)

Step 2: Design a Pattern

For this project I used the software Corel Draw to make this pattern.

If you want to make your own design:

  1. Draw out about 8 to 12 squares.
  2. Create a design in each square.

  • Creating a design takes practice so keep practicing if your design doesn't come out perfectly.

Step 3: Printing and Cutting Out the Paper

If You are using an exacto knife:

  1. Print out each pattern on different colors of paper.
  2. Using the exacto knife cut out the design (Make sure that you use a ruler to make the lines straight.)

If you are using a laser cutter:

  1. Download the pattern in the software.
  2. Put the paper in the laser cutter
  3. Cut out the patterns.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Putting the wall art together:

  1. Organize the paper from the smallest design to the largest.
  2. Put the blank piece of paper down and put the smallest design on top. Do this step until you have used each piece of paper.
  3. Make sure everything is lined up correctly.
  4. Tape the edges of the paper.

Step 5: Hanging the Wall Art

If you would like to hang it on the wall:

  1. Pick a frame that is the same size or a little bit bigger.
  2. Put the project in the frame. If your project is too small, you can add in a paper outline of the project similar to the one I created.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please vote for me in the Rainbow contest and also the Graphic Design contest.

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