Introduction: Paper Bag Bird Wings

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In today's story, birds of many kinds gathered to decide on how to find a leader. They flew off on a long journey to find one. "Fly" off on your own journey around your house or yard with a pair of bird wings made from a brown paper shopping bag.

(Note: the smaller you are, the better these wings are going to fit, but even my grownup self can flap these wings a bit!)


-brown paper bag (with handles is best)


-markers, paint, or crayons

-tape (if you don't have a bag with handles)

Step 1: Cut the Sides Off Your Bag.

Unfold the bag and set it on its side. Cut all the way around the narrow side of the bag to remove it. Then flip it over and do the same to the other side.

Step 2: Lay the Bag Flat.

Now you have one long rectangle with handles on each end. Lay it down on a table or the floor with the text facing up. Fold each side of the back over to crease it.

Step 3: Make Handles. (Optional Step)

If your bag does not have handles, you can make some! Cut out two strips, eight-ish inches long, from one of the discarded sides that you cut out of your bag. Fold the ends up. Now tape them in an arch on each end of the side of your bag that has text on it.

Step 4: Sketch Wing Shapes.

Draw a diagonal line from about a third of the way down of the edge of the bag's bottom up to the midpoint of the top of one of the sides. Draw another diagonal line from there to the far edge of the bag. Now draw some feather shapes! You'll want to make sure that the handle of the bag is inside your outline. Do the same on the other side, too, so that you have the shape of two wings outspread.

Step 5: Cut Out the Wings.

Cut all the way around your outline. Don't cut the middle part that used to be the bottom of the bag!

Step 6: Decorate Your Wings!

Flip your wings over so the blank side faces up. Now comes the fun part: decorating! I decided to draw stripes on my wings like the hoopoe bird in the story. Look up some pictures of birds. What do you want your wings to look like? You can use markers or crayons, or if you have some, paint would work even better!

Step 7: Flap Your Wings!

Hold on to the handles and flap! Have fun!