Paper Bag Wallets




Introduction: Paper Bag Wallets

1. One 8”x14” brown paper bag
2. Triple thick or Mod Podge Lustre (Triple thick is preferred)
3. Adhesive Velcro
4. Stapler and staples
5. Paint Brush
6. Paint
7. Magazines
8. ScissorsStep

Step1: Fold the bottom of the bag up to the natural crease.
Step 2: Fold the bottom half, of the fold, up to where its naturally creased
Step 3: Crease the bottom fold
Step 4: Staple both sides of the folds to create a seam. This will create two pockets.
Step 5: Place the stapler in the back pocket and staple down the middle of the front pocket. This will make 3 pockets, the perfect size for credit cards and IDs. Note: to create a more masculine wallet skip this step.
Step 6: Fold the top portion of the bag down to where it touches the top of the pockets you just created.
Step 7: Staple the sides to create additional pockets for the top portion of the wallet.
Step 8: Optional. You can angle the top pocket by cutting an arch. You can also do this step before you begin folding and stapling your wallet
Step 9: Paint your wallet on the outside and on the inside being careful not to paint where the pockets could stick
Step 9: Optional: you can cut out pictures and create a collage before the finishing
Step 10: This is the most important part of the project. You will need to finish your wallet by using “Triple Thick”. “Triple Thick” is a glue/shellac that seals your wallet giving it that finishing touch.  Paste the sticky glue like material over the front, back and insides of your wallet. Be sure you let each side dry before you go onto seal the next section. When you paint on the “Triple Thick” be sure to avoid pasting it between the pockets of your wallet because it will glue your pockets shut. Note: You can paint and seal your brown bag before you fold and staple. This process however takes a lot longer to dry but creates a really nice result.
Option Step 11: Once your wallet is dry you can cut small squares of Velcro. Attach the Velcro on the inside of your wallet.
Option Step 11: You can fold the wallet from end to end to create a tri-fold men’s wallet.  You would then place the Velcro on the two sides where the arrows indicate.

You can also sew your seams with a sewing machine instead of using a stapler.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This looks fantastic. There are enough photos here to make a full step-by-step Instructable!  I definitely recommend re-posting and including enough text so we would be able to recreate your lovely project!