Introduction: Paper Bead Flower

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This beautiful flower can be used as a necklace pendant, a pin, or a decoration. It's made with just paper beads, traditional beads and wire! You can view the video tutorial or follow the steps and images.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The tools you need for this project include:

  • Scissors
  • 26 Gauge Wire
  • Chain nose pliers

The beads you need for this project are:

  • 1 bead for the center of the flower
  • 9 Size 6/0 seed beads for the center ring
  • 9 Size 6/0 seed bead or a decorative bead for the petal ends.

Step 2: Make the Flower Center

  1. Cut a length just over two feet of the 26 gauge wire. You’ll use 2 feet for the project, so the extra is your “just in case” bit.
  2. String 9 seed beads on the wire.
  3. Pass the tail of the wire through the last seed bead. and pull it tight to make a circle. Gently bend the end up so that the circle says in place.
  4. String the center bead on the tail and bend it down into the center of the circle. Let the circle expand a little, it’s OK if there is a little space between the beads.
  5. Find the fourth or fifth bead across and pass the tail through it – you have nine beads so there isn’t an exact center.

Now that the center of your flower is complete, we'll begin adding petals.

Step 3: Add the Petals

  1. String a paper bead and a seed bead onto the longer wire.
  2. Thread the wire around the outside of the seed bead and back through the paper bead.

Step 4: Secure the Petal

Now, look at the base of the petal. One wire is coming out of a seed bead. One wire is coming out of the paper bead. We’re going to pass the wire coming out of the paper bead through the next seed bead and pull it tight.

Repeat this process for all 9 petals.

Step 5: Secure the Center

  1. Pass the wire through a few seed beads and then back through the center bead.
  2. On the other side of the center bead, pass the wire through a few more seed beads just to make sure it's secure.
  3. Trim the end of the wire and tuck the remaining piece into a petal bead to hide it.
  4. Pass the remaining tail wire through some seed beads.
  5. Trim any excess wire from the tail and tuck it into a petal bead to hide it.
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