Introduction: Paper Candle Holder

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These candle holders are all made with paper. I used newspapers but you can also use magazines or anything you want! This technique is very useful to create many things, from necklaces to bowls!
You can use them as candle holders but they could also be pen all depends on you! :)

Step 1:

Take a sheet from a newspaper and fold it in half 3 times starting from the shortest side.
Open the sheet: you now have 8 sections.
Cut all of them and do the same with other sheets to obtain at least 62 strips (it depends on how big your candle holder will be).

Step 2:

Take one strip and, again, fold it in half 3 times then glue it. 
My strip is 1cm (0.39 inches) wide. Depending on how long your newspaper is, your strip will be wider or narrower so you may want to adjust it to obtain the measure you need.

Do the same with all your strips.

Step 3:

Take a strip and roll it starting from a tip. 
Once you get to the end of the strip, secure with glue.

Do the same with all your strips.

Now you have all the rolls you need to create your candle holder!

Step 4:

Take 2 rolls: one will be the base, the other one must be perpendicular to the first one. Glue it on the edge.
I used hot glue for this process because it dries immediately and it's much faster.
Now glue another roll parallel to the previous one, then other 2 rolls on the other sides to create a "square".
If it's not clear enough, please take a look at the pictures, it's much easier to do than to explain :)

Step 5:

Glue a roll on the square angle then glue the other 3 rolls like you did previously to make another square.
Continue this way until you have 5 squares one above the other.

Step 6:

Make other 2 smaller columns for a total of 3. 
The biggest one has 5 squares, the middle one has 4 and the shortest one has 3.
Now put them together like one unique thing and glue them.

Paint the whole thing with red acrylic paint.

The candle holder is almost done!

Step 7:

Take the remaining 11 rolls and paint them green.
Glue them around the base of the candle holder and...


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