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Introduction: Paper Castle Craft

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Paper castles are a great craft to do with kids or if you're just in the mood to cut and glue.

You can do this project with just construction paper, scissors, tape and glue.

My project was pretty basic and made with my students. But if you are more creative than I am, you can make these really elaborate and great.

Step 1: Form a Base

I glued four pieces of green construction paper. You could also use a larger piece.

To make it more sturdy you could use map board. If you also use a larger base you can use blue paper to make a mote.

You can also use more green to form cones to make trees.

Step 2: Prep Your Walls

Take your black paper and cut square notches out of one edge. To make them uniform, line up the paper and cut several at once.

I just eye balled them and of course let the kids help. But you can measure them too.

Step 3: Create Your Towers

To make the towers, lay a line of glue along one edge then roll paper into a cylinder. Hold the paper together for 60 seconds. I find this is long enough to keep the paper together.

I made four towers for the four corners. But if you are more creative you can make a second level or taller ones for inside. Make it your own.

Step 4: Prep the Sides

I cut one wall in two to make my castle more of a rectangle.

Step 5: Cut the Draw Bridge

Place a yellow sheet and Black sheet together to cut out a draw bridge and the entrance.

You could cut or draw a portcullis. You could also cut a working drawbridge out of your front wall.

Step 6: Cut Your Windows

My kids cut square windows because they are easy. You can also make them any shape you want.

Step 7: Glue Your Draw Bridge and Windows

Glue the windows and drawbridge on before you start assembling your castle. It may seem obvious, but I found out the hard way.

Step 8: Fold the Bottom of the Walls

Fold each wall along the bottom for s base. You can do this with the towers too, but I just used glue and tape to secure them.

Step 9: Assemble the Castle

Place glue along the base of the walls and glue them down as you place and secure the towers to the base and to the walls. We used white glue (Elmer's) but I'm sure rubber cement or a glue gun would work.

Step 10: Secure the Corners

I used tape to secure the walls to the towers and the towers to the base.

Do this all on the inside and you won't see it when you are done.

Place glue under the base of the towers to secure them as well.

Step 11: Finish All Sides

Repeat with all sides of the castle.

Step 12: Place Your Drawbridge

If you have cut a drawbridge like me you can glue that down.

Step 13: Admire Your Tower

You are done.

Any prizes I win will go directly to the recreation program at the residential school I work at as a Recreation Specialist.

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    Reply 5 years ago

    shut up u autistic kid, all u do is build castles.

    kys,go play some minecraft


    6 years ago

    i made it! super easy! only thing is i have an all-white castle because I didn't have any construction paper.