Introduction: Paper Christmas Tree

- Paper christmas tree is made using color paper and can be used for decoration during christmas time.

Materials needed:

- A Square sheet of paper

- Scissors

- Scale

- Pencil

- Glue

Step 1: Take Square Paper and Rotate to 45 Degree

-First take square paper of 15x15cm size and rotate to 45 degrees.You will see diamond shape after rotating.

Step 2: Fold in to Half

- Now fold it in to half as shown in my image

Step 3: Draw a Vertical Line

From folded region measure 1cm distance using scale and draw a vertical line as shown in image

Step 4: Put Marks at 1cm Distance on Other Side and Join With Vertical Line

-On other side put a mark at every 1 cm distance as shown in above image here.

- Next join these marks with already drawn vertical line in folded region by drawing a line all along as shown in image above

Step 5: Cut All Joined Lines

Now cut all joined lines using scissors.(We should cut only till vertical line and not cross it)

Step 6: You Can See Cutted Paper Strips on Two Sides

Now if you open you can see paper strips on both sides

Step 7: Join Individual Paper Strips on Both Sides to Central Crease Point

Now join individual paper strips on both sides to central crease point .For this you need to curl each strip and join at the centre.You can use glue for joining

Step 8: Join All Strips in Same Way

Join all strips in same way and you can see beautiful christmas tree.

Step 9: Attach Small Star at Top

For making star jus draw star outline on paper and cut it. Join this star at top of tree with glue

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