Introduction: Paper Christmas Tree Decoration

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In this instructable I will be teaching you how to make Christmas tree decorations from scratch.
Materials Required
Used white and colored paper

Step 1: Making the Materials Ready

Take the papers and cut them into strips then fold 2 strips of color paper and 2 strips of white paper into half.

Step 2: Making Type 1 Christmas Decoration

Take 1 plain and 1 colored strip of paper and put them as shown in the picture.Then take another plain strip and add it as shown in picture 2.

Step 3: Completing the Christmas Decoration 1

Now take another piece of color paper strip and add it as shown in the pictures when done it should look similar to picture 6.

Then take one end of the color strip and fold it over then do the same to the adjacent one and keep repeating until the stips of paper are over.If you want to make it bigger then you just add more strips of paper to the ends.

If you want more info on this step just comment and I will tell you about it.

Step 4: Making Decoration Number 2

This is a easy decoration.
Take 2 strips of paper and then attach the ends as shown in picture 1 then fold the color side and then the adjacent side and keep repeating until pieces of paper are over.If you want longer ones then you just add more strips of paper to the ends.

Step 5: Picture Gallery

When the project is completed you can decorate your Christmas tree with these by just wrapping them around the christmas tree,you can also add some lights to it as well.I made much bigger ones then shown in the picture and decorated my Christmas tree with these

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