Introduction: Paper Circuit for Solar System

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PCBs and breadboard are too mainstream circuit building platforms. How about taking circuit making to a whole new exciting level?

Presenting to you the DIY Paper Circuit! All you need to have with you is some paper, conducting tape, and a pinch of creativity. And Bam! You have endless possibilities to what you can bring to life with this simple yet thrilling e-craft - right from origami and greeting cards to unique paintings and beautiful home decor! Oh, and BTW, it is super easy to make!

Here we’re going make the paper circuit of a Solar System.

Why are you still here? Ready. Set. Create!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  • Colored Paper
  • Copper Tape / Conducting Tape / Conductive Paint
  • LEDs
  • Coin Cell
  • Color Pens

Step 2: Applications

The paper circuit has a lot of use, especially when it comes to combining technology and creativity. You can make anything from a simple greeting card to a big project where even sensors can be used. We have used the paper circuit to make a Solar System, which will glow the LED of the planet whose name will be pressed. Thus, paper circuits can even be used in education.

Step 3: Art Time

Basically, this step will help you to show your creativity. We will be simply be making the front end of the project.

The first we need to do is take the planets cutout from the image given here or any other image of your choice.

Once you have them you need a base to glue them to.
We have then taken a colored paper, where on the back end the circuitry will be there.
Place the solar system on the paper as you want.

On the right, we have glued the names of the planet.

Thus, completing the front end.

Step 4: Inserting the LEDs

Once you have the front ready, take the LEDs and inserting it in each of the planets. You can keep the LEDs behind the if the paper you use is thin enough so that the light of the LED glows through the paper.

Once inserted them, you need to fold their legs.

Make sure to fold the negative leg of every leg towards one side and the positive towards the other.

The positive leg is the longer leg and the negative leg is the shorter one.

Step 5: Making of the Circuit

Once you are done with inserting the LEDs, its time to see how your circuit will come to look like.

We need to mark a place where we will be putting our coin cell.

The negative terminal of all the LEDs will be connected to the negative of the cell and positive to positive.
But the positive channel will be in parallel connections.

Make sure you pass the circuit of the particular planet under their respective names.
You may also find at some points the connections overlap. Don’t worry we’ll find a way out :)

Step 6: The Circuit

The circuit that we are going to make is the conducting tape or Copper Tape. You can also try using the Conductive Ink or Paint.

We’ll be completing one channel at a time.

We will start with the negative channel.
Make sure the tape at the discontinuous section is smooth.

Once you are done with the negative channel, it’s time to add the positive channel.
Start taping the coil from the cell’s positive terminal and making a parallel circuit along the name of the planets.
Leave some space in between, and for what reason we will discuss in the next step.

Complete the circuit.

And when the circuits overlap, simply keep the white paper behind the tape and remove them from the edges.

Step 7: The Switches

You might wonder how are you going to add switches.

But as we know, switches are simply the device which completes the broken circuit.
So as you already know, we have made a broken circuit. It’s time to make the switches.

We are going to use the other side of the paper which is opposite to the circuit.

Stick small pieces of conducting tape at the distance so that it perfectly matches the relative circuit.

Step 8: Working

The piece of the copper tape for that for that particular circuit completes the circuit. Thus, as you press the name, you actually pressing the switch that leads to lit up the LED of that particular planet.

Step 9: Conclusion

With this, your Solar System Paper Circuit is ready!

Go ahead and let your imagination loose with this e-craft!

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